2012年12月27日 星期四

2012/12 picture refs

- trying to reduce spendings (time + $$) mean practices at home.
- eyes are getting blurring for squinting too much at the computer screen

- ball-point pen photo/book reffed eyescream.com and sargent books from library
- ball-point's really detailed, hard to transfer the same effects onto charcoal pencils
- eyescream has lots of nice pictures of clothings. 

- conte/wolff's carbon/charcoal pencil using google photo search for "face". many are so called 'bad' photo refs with very little structure (apparently asian girls like to look featureless/noseless and completely blanched and eternally surprised for all the photos), they are a challenge. could try to hunt down more structurally informative photos for better/consistent learning.
- alternating between the 3 pencils made the conte feel alot smoother after going through one rotation.
- keeping it loose is a nice feeling with conte (second drawing with single head on page, looks bad, but felt good).
- realized the cross-contour shadings probably need to overlap to avoid looking like wooden/zebra type things. (they have to overlap at least a little e.g. radially cross-contouring as oppose to parallel/piping.

2012年12月18日 星期二

life drawing 2012/12/18 at revolver

focus was on layers and dimensionality.

had trouble deciding whether to continue working on the orbik method or revert back to the volume tracing method or the 2011 line design method (similar to orbik, less focus on efficiency). settled on 2011 line method out of a panic --- hence dirty lines. the first few one minutes were okay, some negative spaces were seen, and most of the first page was done rather efficiently. later on negative space-ness's were forgotten.

comparing 2K11LD with orbik or calligraphics would be the "think before you draw" element. 2K11LD has a full on drawing-out-the-design-and-contouring-the-3D-mental-shape-on-paper approach that's very messy. but the end result is more understandable.

later larger 10', 20' drawings saw some proportion/design problems, and also shading problems. the light was diffused and hard to apply the dramatic methods, so went with the basic contour wraps that made the figure look sadly wooden. need to study how diffused lighting shading works with charcoal pencils (black). need to study shading and paper stumping (no idea how to do this).

model name was... miss yu, "Wa-va"? (sounded a little bit like "guava").

2012年12月10日 星期一

"Vignette is available for play :)"

one of the concepts demo'ed at a talk given by http://www.shengdongzhao.com/. very popular talk among the cs students, well received.

zhao started the Human Computer Interaction (HCI) lab at national university of singapore. the motivation behind vignette is the need for a more intuitive process to digital illustration.

the video is still quite futuristic, as the software currently is not at all intuitive to use as you would imagine from seeing the video demonstrates.  there are various glitches and features that do not yet work the way you would naturally and intuitive try to use them. or at least they were not obvious from the user guide pdf.


2012年12月6日 星期四

life drawing 2012/12/06 at CCH

packaging x calligraphics. charcoal pencils (higher friction and darkness) from terry.

too much details, but the result was sort of fun and hectic looking; one of those puzzles where only a few pieces of the negative space is given and you have to figure out the actual shape. (nice way of saying nothing looked like human figures. there's somehow even a replica of "nude descending stairs").

fails: non-even tones and too much details
wins: lame dancing routing at the horse.

2012年11月29日 星期四

life drawing 2012/11/28 at CCH

slightly confused with the agenda, drawings were really messy and aimless.

enjoyed the design using packaging and negative space techniques. need to get use to the binary vocabulary with positive and negative space alternation. e.g. standing poses tend to be constructive (the length dominates the more subtle negative space (filling in small negatives is a joy), while sitting poses tend to offer more negative interpretations, or perhaps laid down forshorten poses also offer more scale-wise (compared to any dominant axes) significant negativity.

used red waxy thing from terry to do the 7-minute drawings.

2012年11月14日 星期三

life drawing 2012/11/14 at chester/ 's

due to:
- lack of performance gague
- lack of progress
- inability to avoid core inconsistencies
- reorientation towards goal-centric/final-product approach
- control:
    - overall desire to get organized
    - prioritize levels and time management
- narrow down techniques and specify (as oppose to doing little jitters about the same thing, focus).
- various other reasons that cannot be made up at the moment...
- oh, just remembered another one: get less distracted by the fact there are naked pretty girls in front of you.

it was considered necessary that:
a chronological/priority hierarchy or to-do list was created to focus on three general topics and their respectively inspired techniques: calligraphy, mannekin [sic], and cross-contour shading/shadow-edge.

feel much more academic and strained, but more constrained (currently a positive thing).

mostly calligraphy here with a little over-emphasis on details.

not sure if this model was encounteredbefore, similar to the one who declares "i'm starting now!" before she starts. they both... or she did this today.

2012年11月13日 星期二

life drawing 2012/11/12 at revolver

yey there's a new closer cheaper longer session place to do life drawing (it's the first place that turns up on google search for life drawing... never dared attending due to its bar-ness.) turns out another friend at 師大 does come for happy hour frequently. 150 yuan for drawing 50 for beer or whine. (roughly 30 yuan for 1 USD in 2012)

it's on the second floor, roughly 15 or so people showed up. mostly with small notebooks (no horses or easels). may need to get a board for large paper use. there are people with their mobile easels. pretty model (ms.huang jie), interesting enough and simple lighting.

forgot to squint forgot to tilt head and page. using small papers did bring reminders to turn the paper once in a while. using the horse trained away so many good habbits :( 

maybe work on vector analysis and line design next time. the theory is that VA asks for more explicit explanations of line designs and thus may lead to better articulation?

think about procedure, hierarchy and priority as a function of time or of the particular series/set/drawing in context.

2012年11月10日 星期六

life drawing 2012/11/08 at chester/ 's

midterms are over, back to life drawing earlier than expected (severely sleep deprived).

running short on supply of conte, will be switching to remaining materials after a few weeks. from fellow drawer 袁, there are only available bulk sales of the conte pencil. the other option is the "conte fanboy box" which include everything conte ever made (conte tp? no?)

no comments on drawing... (whinings: very uneven mentality. after spending 2 weeks in continuous, sleepless academic zen, drawing live is sensory overload. countless time just staring at the model not wanting to degrade perfection to my ugly interpretations.). model brought really good music, forgot to ask for tracklisting before she left (she bolted out of there before anyone noticed so it's not anyone's fault.)

- did not take control of the idea of the approach: stuck between a few thoughts
- perhaps not drawn for a while

memorable phrase of the day: "looks like an aggregate of shit", thumbs up to out-of-place brutality!!


2012年10月26日 星期五

life drawing 2012/10/25 at chester/anny's

- further attempts at being calligraphic, bad lines in general. need to work on mannekins.
- toned drawing, still unable to find consistency in lines. too light, bad quality lines, and not efficient enough in the compositions. need better designs. it does feel like one does not need to be perfectly designing the outline before engaging the shading. the outlines/base drawing needs to be sexy in the designed way... which is hard if the person is not a good designer and is simply good at copying undigested materials.

- apparently it's anny's last day showing up there. her drawings are great despite the fact that she's not seen draw that much.

Symphony Concert: 爛漫之秋 2012東吳大學音樂學系系列音樂會 2012/10/26

shilin station --> bus to scu. meant to have arrived to maybe enjoy the sunset, but the campus is on the inner-side of the stream-hill valley (外雙溪) such that in winter the sun probably "set" at 3pm or so. it was so fun to see so many kids running around!

the concert hall was very cold and maybe 2/3 occupied. very pretty and new. it's located in the "second research building", which i'm told is roughly 4-yo). walking around in the corridors pre-concert, there were people practicing behind doors and it was great (think i recognized the don juan liszt-mozart and another ravel piece).

not being a regular concert goer meant everything sounded spectacular to me. the program was all in major keys, and while the aim was to hear the beethoven, the first two symphonies were also great! when the program started it was surprising to hear such sounds live and going fast. not having people around meant certain people can perhaps dance to the music if so desired.

listening live really educate on how to listen to the pieces. the spatial-ness of a live orchestra added various dimensions to the sounds and where they are coming from, which further inspire new ideas to receive the pieces. also live sounds are not harsh and skimpy like ear-phones, so the mozart piece was completely unadulteratedly indefensible and unobjectable and mind blowing in its gloriousness when listened live (not sure if mozart used such an orchestra but it sounded full and golden bull-ious). there's some desire to relisten to the pieces, but realization sets in that it's simply un-enjoyable on the same level on youtube -- on the up-side, the education to like these pieces have been conceived, and perhaps searching for better recording sounds would be a slight alleviation (but how do you produce that live, organic, spacious sound!!??).

so much "minute details" (which really are not when listened live) are revealed: dynamic ranges, the distinctness of the instruments, texture (which when listened without knowing the original sound could begin to sound alike, especially on historical recordings). it was gladful to hear the polyphonic layers so pronounced, and additionally acted out by cute actors and their wonderful personal displays of involvements (the winds are so cute!). the conduction flowed information not only make the orchestra worked together, but as indispensable indicators or understanding the pieces.

conducted by huang wei ming and the scu student orchestra. (somehow these events are not listed on scu's main site, you have to search through the music departement, that's the un-free part of the concert??). i'd say they're maybe 3:7 m:f ratio? are the guys all playing guitars and pianos? what happened.

指揮/黃維明  東吳大學音樂學系管弦樂團
F. J. HAYDN: Symphony No.82 in C major
W. A. MOZART: Symphony No.35 in D major, KV385
L. v. BEETHOVEN: Symphony No.1 in C major, Op.21

2012年10月25日 星期四

life drawing 2012/10/24 at chester/anny's

short poses on a mid-age woman (name unknown)

- attempted calligraphic short poses
- attempted cross-contours. cannot figure out how to get consistent edge shape from the sharpened pencils.

- no head tilt, squint, distance, infinity focus/flatten visual field, no different angle viewing: maybe the reason why figures are articulating badly
- another reason being bad page composition.

- quality of calligraphic line is good, need to work on amassing lines into plains.

2012年10月18日 星期四

life drawing 2012/10/17 at chester/anny's

short poses wednesday, model name was unknown... something "ke ren" (fellow drawer called her 蕭亞軒). suspect: there are rather few models around (even though so far there has been no repeats) that there's really no reason to remember the names.

attempted "calligraphic" approaches as Jeff Watts recommended on course description for the figure quickdraw class. failed miserably as the figures were only drawn with the torso and no other approach was attempted. again, found that the practices done on paper with a ball-point pen simply do not translate to "real" events.

one influence on calligraphy is that it's highly muscular: e.g. the way/strength a pencil is held strongly influences the outcome under high-speed, intuitive, brainless outputs. suspect: to have a good quickdraw something muscular also has to be trained. an attempt was made this week to do some "under-hand" strokes as this was the approach outlined by Gist on his techniques. the posture is foreign and produced a few less attractive lines.

continue to struggle with tone, with lines -- will revert back to mannekin drawings. not sure how Jorge is producing those great tones with the same materials (also very thin lines... this i found approximatible by sharpening bunch of pencils).